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Oral Health Champion Award

The Rhode Island Oral Health Coalition's, Oral Health Champion Award is given to an individual who exemplifies the mission and vision of the Rhode Island Oral Health Coalition by improving the oral health of all Rhode Islanders. This award will be presented at the Annual meeting.


Awardee selection guidelines:

  • Nominations will be solicited from Coalition members in "good standing" 

  • Any previous awardee may be re-nominated, in non-consecutive years.

  • Nominees must have demonstrated commitment to oral health and displayed positive influence affecting the oral health of Rhode Island residents.

  • Executive Board will make the final selection from the balloting of names submitted, with the nominee who receives the majority votes as the  awardee

  • The Final selection will be conducted one month prior to the Annual meeting in which the award will be given.

Coming Soon! - Submit a Nomination

Complete this form and email to for consideration of your nominee: 

Previous Winners

  • Libby Swan (2022)

  • Marty Dellapenna (2021)

  • Katy Linwood (2018)

  • Marie Jones Bridges (2017)

  • Jim Beasley (2016)

  • Dr. Jeffrey Dodge (2015)

  • Elizabeth H. Roberts (2014)

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