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Our Story

The Rhode Island Oral Health Coalition (RIOHC) provides a forum through which statewide efforts are coordinated to achieve optimal oral health and improve access to dental providers for all Rhode Island residents. The RIOHC was formally established in 2010 as a group of stakeholders; many RIOHC members were involved previously in the Special Senate Commission to “Study and Make Recommendations on Ways to Maintain and Expand Access to Quality Oral Healthcare for All Rhode Island Residents”, with an initial report in 1998, and concluded in 2007. The 2017-2021 Oral Health Plan is the result of many devoted volunteer individuals working with the RIOHC and other organizations to increase the number of qualified dental professionals available to Rhode Island residents. The Coalition and its members look forward to new and ongoing opportunities expanding on efforts to further improve the oral health environment in Rhode Island.

Board of Directors

Our diverse and passionate Board of Directors drives the strategic direction of the Rhode Island Oral Health Coalition, combining their expertise and commitment to improve oral health in our community. They advocate for equitable access to dental care, collaborate with stakeholders, and lead initiatives that address oral health challenges. Meet the faces behind our coalition, as they dedicate themselves to achieving brighter smiles and healthier lives for everyone.

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